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Unveil the Essence of Ferrari Real Estate

Revolutionising estate agency with award-winning excellence: Redefining your property journey.
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About us

Welcome to Ferrari Real Estate, where exceptional service meets award-winning expertise. Founded by the esteemed Julia Ferrari, an agent with a stellar 15-year record in both the Dubai and UK real estate markets, Ferrari Real Estate seamlessly blends global insight with local excellence. Rooted in the vibrant landscape of Cheshire, Ferrari Real Estate stands as the pinnacle of personable property service in the North West of England.

Why choose Ferrari Real Estate? We go beyond the ordinary to curate an experience that transcends traditional property transactions. More than just a real estate agency, we are your partners in finding not just a home but your dream abode. For astute investors, we present a portfolio of lucrative, long-term opportunities that define the art of smart investment.


What sets us apart is our unwavering commitment to excellence. We combine the use of the latest technology with the allure of fast and efficient service. We strive for seamlessness, going above and beyond the standards of an average estate agent. Our promise is not confined by business hours – we are your dedicated partners, tirelessly working in your best interests, ensuring your journey in the Cheshire property market is not just swift but superior. Elevate your real estate experience with Ferrari. Register your interest today for a journey that goes beyond the expected.

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Our Commitment to You

available round the clockAvailability at your convenience: We assure you round the clock accessibility, whether in person or over the phone, eliminating the confines of traditional office hours. Your needs are our priority, anytime, anywhere.

personal touch Personalised engagement with our owner: Experience a bespoke touch with direct interaction with our company owner, ensuring a unique and tailored journey. At Ferrari Real Estate, you are more than just another listing; you are a valued partner.

viewings 7 days a week Flexible viewings, every day: Enjoy the flexibility of viewings 7 days a week, accommodating your schedule and preferences. We prioritise your convenience, making the property exploration process seamless and stress-free.

in-person valuationsValuations at your fingertips: Benefit from in-person valuations available every day of the week, offering convenience and timely insights into the worth of your property. Our commitment is to provide accurate and up-to-date information when you need it.

honesty and 100% transparency throughout Unwavering transparency: We commit to honesty and 100% transparency in every interaction, fostering trust and confidence in our partnership. Your peace of mind is paramount and we strive to build a relationship based on integrity.

weekly updatesProactive support: Sellers receive weekly updates and expert suggestions for optimising their property listing. Our proactive approach ensures you are informed and empowered throughout the selling process.

Honest and accurate viewing feedbackInsightful feedback: Honest and accurate viewing feedback is provided, offering valuable insights to enhance your property’s market appeal. We believe in constructive feedback that contributes to the continual improvement of your listing.

exposure to a wide audienceStrategic marketing for maximum exposure: Your property will be exposed to a wide audience through our diverse marketing tools, ensuring maximum visibility and engagement. We use the latest technology and deploy innovative strategies to showcase your property’s unique features to the right people.

accurate market knowledge and insights Accurate market knowledge and insights: Rely on us for accurate market knowledge and insights, aiding you in pricing your property correctly and achieving the desired results according to your own personal goals. We truly believe that informed decisions lead to successful outcomes.

We approach negotiations with fairness Fair and balanced negotiation: We approach negotiations with fairness, considering the interests of all parties. This ensures a balanced deal, leaving you content with the outcome while achieving satisfaction for all involved.

Where to Find Us

Embracing a tailored approach within a dedicated market segment, Ferrari Real Estate focuses on delivering an unparalleled experience for both buyers and sellers. Our operations span the refined locales of Knutsford and its surroundings, extending to Altrincham, Alderley Edge and Wilmslow.

Drawing from a wealth of experience in international real estate markets, we’ve identified service gaps prevalent in the local  industry. Ever struggled to reach agents beyond conventional office hours? Felt undeserved despite substantial investments? At Ferrari Real Estate, we are poised to redefine your real estate journey. Beyond transaction, we offer a bespoke service, ensuring your experience is not just personalised but also enriching.

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